Background reports 2004 to 2006

A team of partner staff prepared a series of backgrounds documents that enabled the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Forum to decide upon the 4 options taken out for public consultation.

Report 1 - Issues Papers

The Issues Papers identify key issues and trends for Greater Christchurch across nine topic areas being:

Residential, Rural, Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure, Transport and Energy, Community Facilities, Natural Environment and Open Space. This material is the basis for the Introduction to Issues booklet [PDF, 961 KB].

Report 1 [PDF, 131 KB]

Report 2 - Options

This report outlines 3 options for managing future growth in the Greater Christchurch area. The 3 options are: Concentration (now referred to as Option A), Consolidation (Option B) and Dispersal (Option C). This was used as the basis for the So many options booklet [PDF, 1.5 MB].

Report 2 [PDF, 153 KB]

Report 3 - Assessment Criteria

The Forum agreed to a set of 18 criteria by which the 3 options could be assessed. Each of the criteria had examples of indicators prepared to enable the options to be evaluated against the criteria.

Report 3 [PDF, 53 KB]

Report 4 - Options Assessment

The 3 options (Concentration, Consolidation and Dispersal) along with a Business as Usual Option (e.g. continue current trends) are assessed against the Assessment Criteria, and compared against each other.

Report 4 [PDF, 945 KB]

Report 5 - Technical Report on Options Assessment

This report contains detailed assessments for all 18 criteria and a range of indicators, providing an in-depth technical analysis of all 4 options. Material from this report was used in the So many options booklet [PDF, 1.5 MB].

Report 5 [PDF, 810 KB]

Report 6 - UDS Forum, Terms of Reference

This document outlines the purpose, scope, structure and process for progressing the Urban Development Strategy.

Report 6 [PDF, 466 KB]

Report 7 - Options Consultation Report

This report contains key findings from the consultation into Options for managing future growth and development, including support for each Option; responses to each question asked in the feedback form; a breakdown of respondents by age, gender, ethnic origin and home location; summaries of comments made about key issues and recommendations of values and principles to inform the draft Strategy.

Report 7 [PDF, 1.6 MB]